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Charming and charismatic, Keshawn “Lil Bam” Hampton never had any doubt he’d one day become the man to take care of his entire family, but the Birmingham native thought a professional football career would be his vehicle to success.  Instead he’s now navigating a burgeoning rap career and riding high off the popularity of his latest project Airport Baby, a moniker he chose to rep his Avondale roots and the surrounding area associated with his hometown’s airport exit. Airport Baby birthed Bam’s hit single “Julio.” The infectious hook pays homage to NFL star Julio Jones, who played college ball at Alabama before making his mark with the Falcons, a move that parallels Bam’s progression from his own Magic City home to the great southern metropolis of Atlanta. To further set the stage for his national debut, Lil Bam enlisted the South’s most iconic hip hop mogul Rick Ross and sexy viral hip hop sensation Jucee Froot to join him on the remix for “Julio.”
“Jucee and I are both young artists coming out of the South dropping some great music. She came hard on her verse,” Lil Bam says of the remix. “Rick Ross – he’s an icon – it feels great to have collaborated with him. I grew up listening to his music and it’s a great milestone in my career to be on a song together.”

Known for his melodic style, uptempo anthems and narrative approach, music serves as a form of therapy for Lil Bam, who has overcome a series of tragedies in the last few years, beginning in high school when he lost his girlfriend. Her passing on February 27, 2015, was followed two years later, at nearly the same time of year when his brother and cousin died just two weeks apart in March 2017.  Lil Bam suffered another loss this year in March, when his uncle passed away while Bam was making his rounds meeting with labels in New York. Those experiences are all recounted in his music, and, as his football dreams waned, Bam credits his brother’s death as the catalyst for him pursuing a career in music. 

Just months losing his brother, Lil Bam recorded his first record “Don’t Want None,” with YBN Almighty Jay, in a makeshift studio they built in Bam’s grandmother’s closet.  That record led to Lil Bam spending more hours in the studio, sometimes songwriting, sometimes recording, until he was introduced to Flip, who was convinced he’d be the perfect artist to bring to his newly launched label MBK4L. Since signing with MBK4L in 2018, Bam wasted no time putting his all into his music. His first EP Hard Head was released the same year and includes a feature from Lil Baby on the song “Rapper & Trapper.” Two more EP’s Newborn and Jet Lag followed in 2019 and followed by Airport Baby which he released this February. Blessed with natural talent and a drive to work hard and make his city proud, Bam is determined to become one of the biggest artists in the rap game.

“I know for a fact I can do it,” Bam says of achieving his goals. “It’s hard getting people to support you here, but at the same time I want to be that person that us artists in Alabama can look to. I want to be the one to help put people in position.”