Gabe Riel Promo


Gabriel Hatcher isn’t your typical musician, he’s an artstar. Naturally, the 25-year-old emcee has always had an aptitude for crafting melodies unlike no other, further championing his tonal versatility. He’s a cultured artist, one whose layered influence bars no limit. “I do a whole lot of different genres in music, it depends on my mood. I’m
very versatile,” he says. As a recording artist, Gabriel’s inception in music is best attributed to the time he spent with his mother, tracing back to his early childhood in Birmingham, Alabama. With an experience-based ethos attached to his artistry, the majority of Gabriel’s inspo as an artist derives from what he’s been through. He’s very family oriented, finding joy in spending quality time with loved ones. After figuring
out that his passion for rhyming was actually a prodigious skill, Gabriel honed in on his talent and has been locked in ever since.

More than putting on for Alabama, Gabriel is driven by a desire to amplify his perspective, the good and bad. “I put my pain on beats, but I also put my pleasure on beats too,” he avows in confidence. His gift for pairing real-life matters with an experimental soundscape that divulges into a feel-good aesthetic is both unique and genre-defying. He’s hellbent on moving to the beat of his own drum, at his own pace, shifting between confident crooning and a gutteral drawl — depending on how he feels in the moment.

Gabriel’s musical journey has just begun, but he already has the attitude of an unrelenting grinder. He’s a rising star with a well-tarnished golden voice just trying to carve out his place in history. The culmination of grit and hustle is what embodies Gabriel’s infectious disposition. He moves with a purpose, taking calculated risks with tactical precision.